Regency Multi-Fuel Stove by Stovax

Regency Stove

Originally patented in 1742 by Benjamin Franklin, the Regency enjoys a pedigree unmatched by any other stove.

It was designed at a time when America was still a British colony and its proportions were influenced by Franklin's visits to Georgian London.The original design also means it is more an open fireplace with doors. Ther are no air controls so the Regency's large firebox produces the atmosphere of a traditional open fireplace.

The Regency is available in three sizes. A pair of polished brass balls are supplied with each stove and a brass rail set is an optional accessory.

Cast into the side panel of every Regency stove is a support bracket into which a barbecue or bean pot may be fixed. Each of these is manufactured from cast iron and is supplied complete with a swinging arm which locates into the support bracket.


Overall dimensions – Small

827 x 920 x 650mm  (w x h x d)

Overall dimensions – Medium

930 x 960 x 700mm (w x h x d)

Overall dimensions – Large

1035 x 960 x 700mm (w x h x d)