You need not worry about the lack of a chimney or be daunted by the extra expense and prospect of disruption due to installation of a ventilation system if you choose one of our brilliant flueless gas fires. Once the flueless gas fire has been connected to your gas supply it immediately becomes an efficient and economical source of warmth and a stylish centrepiece of your room.  Below you will find a selection hearth-mounted inset flueless gas fires and hang-on-the-wall flueless gas fires that have the potential to enhance any room, whether it decorated in a tradition or modern mode.

As flueless gas fires do not rely on a chimney, they provide an unsurpassed level of safety to which flued fires can only aspire. Flues and chimneys can become blocked or adversely affected by down-draughts. flueless gas fires are designed to burn the gas extremely cleanly without a flue. The burnt gases are then passed through a catalytic converter. Every flueless gas fire has an oxygen depletion sensor which constantly monitors the air quality in the room. If the level of oxygen drops by just 1.5%, the fire automatically shuts down.